BOWEN description


Company description

ERTE is recognized by its customer-partners (defence, aeronautics, transports, energy) as a company with a strong added value in embedded complex industrial electronics. It designs and manufactures electronic equipments and high-tech systems for communication, energy supply or power collecting systems.

In june 2010, ERTE has widened its activities by resuming HF, radiofrequency and telecommunication experts recognized for military products and reliable technology (GaN transistors).

Since its creation in 1980, ERTE has grown with two mottos: “quality” and “service”.

Presently, ERTE produces under its own brand (BOWEN) the design and the manufacture of ultra high frequency communication and power electronics systems.

ERTE is member of the poles of competitiveness ASTECH (systems) and ASTECH (aeronautics). And it is member of the French aerospace Industry association GIFAS.

Our Means

In our two workshops located in Palaiseau and Chartres (near Paris) we industrialize the products processed by our team of engineers and technicians in our R&D department based in Saclay.

  • R&D department (computation softwares)
  • Mechanical and electrical design office, CAD-CAM
  • Modeling and calculation
  • Prototyping; small series Micromechanical workshop
  • Testing laboratory (severe environment)