BOWEN description



Since 1921, the PEKLY company is a famous reference in the measurement instruments’ field.

PEKLY has grown manufacturing products previously made by SEUD, BRION-LEROUX, GUERPILLON, BRISTOL.

Nowadays, thanks to its cooperation with the BOWEN R&D engineers, PEKLY designs and provides embedded measurement equipments and systems that contain mechanics, electronics, protocols and control command systems.

  • Energy (power plants – control rooms)
  • Transportation (trains, panel board indicators)
  • Aeronautics (planes – instrument panels)
  • Industry
  • Defense
  • Navy


PEKLY has numerous machines, tools and measuring instruments to manufacture specific pieces, to assemble and calibrate its production of galvanometers:

  • Design office, project engineering, micromechanics and plastic injection workshops
  • Electronics, winding, glass or metal welding
  • Test laboratories (dielectric, temperature, acceleration…)
  • Calibration and assembly benches for galvanometers