Skills & means

Customers Projects

Some examples of Projects Design and Development in partnership with our Customers. 



Design of Electronic Equipments

 Extreme Environment Case  Power Electronics Case  Embedded Module



Design of Electronic Boards

 Embedded Boards Study  Boards Manufacturing File  Boards Placing and Routing



Racks Integration Study 

 Racks Integration Study   Racks Integration Study



Design of Aeronautical Cables/Harnesses 

 Design of Aeronautical Cables/Harnesses Design of Aeronautical Cables/Harnesses



Development of Electronic Equipments

 Test Box Wiring  Electronics Rack Wiring  Bench Test Wiring 



Development of Electronic Board

 Rackable Electronics Board  Embedded Board  Small/Medium Series Boards



Electronic Racks Integration

 Electronics Rack Integration  Electronics Rack Integration



Development of Aeronautical Cables/Harnesses

 "Octopus" Cable  Aeronautical Cable  Test Aeronautical Cables