Skills & means

Industrial means

Under the label BOWEN, companies involved in partnership share their industrial means and their know-how in order to produce innovating, reliable and resistant products.

Three industrial areas: Saclay (R&D, laboratories); Palaiseau (systems integration unit); Chartres (factory).

  • R&D, RF and sytems departments
  • Mechanical & electrical design office,
    CAO – DAO softwares
  • Softwares of routing placement
    for electronic charts
  • RF, thermal ,electronics simulations
  • Project management, Direct purchase
    (from producers, distributors or brokers)
  • Microelectronics wiring , optical wiring
    (military and space standards)
  • Integration of embedded products,
    special size products, professional products
  • Testing laboratory (severe environment)
  • Test and control inspection
  • Maintenance analysis (reliability, safety,
    obsolescence (MCO)
  • World wide exportation